NADI EyeOT3D™ Real-Time Decision Support and Visualization Software provides integrated command center operation functions within a single turnkey system and performs as a decision support and visualization system for analysis of building, national facilities and smart city information.


NADI capabilities include tools for 2D and 3D visualization that can be integrated with other applications providing a seamless ability to analyze, plan and react in real time to events. NADI can tailor EyeOT3D solutions to suit the customization and integration needs for any size organization. The system is designed as multi-pane interface providing a common operating picture for monitoring response, planning, training, review and analysis.

3D Modeling

NADI provide modeling service of helping you to crate 3-dimensional object for your design, and break out of 2D and into a whole new world of true to life visualization. This 3D model can be used in a variety solution if you go further with NADI.

3D simulation

NADI also provide 3D simulation service. Simulation allows organizations (for example the manufacturing industry) to analyze and experiment with their processes in a virtual setting, reducing the time and cost requirement with physical testing. Inventory, assembly, transportation and production can be assessed within a simulation model, resulting in information that can preserve or improve value at the lowest possible cost.

Dynamic Display Programming

With your NADI 3D model, a value-added programming service can provide you a dynamic display application for demo, marketing or even to be a unique tool to help your business.

Physical Security Established & Information Management

3D visualization of physical security information allows for the management of security cameras networks, building management system, motion sensors, fire alarms, remote data centers, governments and businesses with infinite amount of devices that can be monitored and secured.

Data Management System

After the physical security established, huge amount of precious images will be produced everyday. With NADI’s Intelligence video surveillance system and deep learning system help to change your image data into a profitable treasure data by image analysis and customer behavior analysis.

Your World at Your Finger Tips

EyeOT3D™ is the first mobile 3D Building Management System for facilities managers and senior executives responsible for wide ranging physical asset oversight and business continuity planning. EyeOT™ enables you to manage your buildings from your Phone & Tablet.

Our Partners

NADI is the leading system developer of OCMS, a high-end visualization central management system to provide user an intuitional solution to manage automation systems through virtual and augmented reality. In addition, NADI offers solutions for building, national facilities, and smart city for monitoring response, planning, training, review and analysis. Read More


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